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Starting out in the industry as a freelance web designer I struggled to manage certain aspects of my projects. I didn't have much experience in things like setting up domains, emails and hosting and using an effective invoicing system. Ultimately, I wanted to focus more on designing and not spend so much time on the "boring stuff". Access to a platform which would automate these areas for me and allow me to manage my entire project would have been an invaluable resource for my business. This was our main motivation when creating maekit; to provide a creative business platform that would allow web design companies and freelancers to manage every aspect of their business under one roof, leaving more time to do the fun stuff.

Joanna Burrows
Chief Creative Officer - maekit

We Know What We're Talking About

maekit is a proven business model, having been used to power the growth of MyWork, a profitable Brisbane based web design company with 24 full time staff and over 5000 clients.

Keep Designing The Way You've Always Designed

maekit supports every popular CMS. You're the designer. We're not going to step on your toes and tell you how to design websites. We let you do more of what you are good at and love doing: designing amazing websites! With maekit, now you can run a profitable business and manage everything relating to your clients under the one roof. Make more money, and spend less time doing the boring stuff, and more time doing the fun stuff.

Turn Your Passion into a Profitable Web Design Business

maekit is a cloud based platform that handles the business aspect of Web Design.

You are a Web Designer. You are a great designer. You love designing and building websites, it's your passion!
People want you to design their websites. You know Adobe CC and WordPress like the back of your hand.

Making money from this skill set does not however come naturally to you.

maekit empowers Creatives around the world to turn their passion into a profitable web design business.

The Team

We're real web designers and developers who understand the difference between the two. We're using our experience and understanding of our industry to build the complete business management platform for REAL web designers.


Matt Holme

CEO & Founder


Dan Brett

CEO & Founder


Jeramy Simpson

Chief Technology Officer


Joanna Burrows

Chief Creative Officer

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